Corporate Accounting Career Description

Corporate Accounting Job Profile And Description A corporate accountant is an accountant who works for a company but goes through the financial reports in a consolidated form, that is, he... Read More

Forensic Accounting Career Description

Forensic Accounting Job Profile And Description A forensic accountant is an accountant with some special skills and expertise which allows him to investigate white collar frauds and crimes and find... Read More

Certified Public Accountant Career Description

Certified Public Accountant Job Profile And Description A certified public accountant (CPA) holds a similar post as chartered accounts in other countries, where he has to perform many roles related... Read More

Chartered Accountant Career Description

Chartered Accountant Job Profile And Description A chartered accountant is a type of accountant who has been certified by the country’s professional governing and regulating body of chartered accountants after... Read More

Account Manager Career Description

Account Manager Job Profile And Description An account manager is someone who works for a particular company and handles the account of a particular client, meaning, he is responsible for... Read More