School Psychologist Career Description

School psychologist Job Profile and Description A School psychologist is one who acts as a facilitator to develop the cognitive, social and behavioral development of the students in the school.... Read More

Dermatologist Career Description

Dermatologist Job Profile and Description A dermatologist is one who specializes in the field of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin problems. Depending on the job profile a dermatologist even... Read More

General Practitioner Career Description

General Practitioner Job Profile and Description General Practitioners, or GPs as they are better known, are those doctors who are appointed for continued care and treatment of patients within a... Read More

Neurosurgeon Career Description

Neurosurgeon Job Profile and Description A neurosurgeon is a physician who specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of medical conditions that affect the spinal cord, brain, peripheral nerves and the... Read More

Neonatologist Career Description

Neonatologist Job Profile and Description Neonatologist is a doctor who is involved with high risk infants. They work with premature babies and babies that are born with serious illnesses or... Read More

Dental Assistant Career Description

Dental Assistant Job Profile and Description A dental assistant supports and assists in the dental care treatment. Their job is to prepare treatment room, patients, sterilize instruments, pass instruments and... Read More

Dietician Career Description

Dietician Job Profile and Description A person who provides sound advice to people who are concerned about their diet or about gaining or losing weight is known as a dietician.... Read More

Genetic Counselor Career Description

Genetic Counselor Profile and Description A genetic counselor is a health professional or a medical expert who helps the people or patients understand about a genetically inherited disease or medical... Read More

Chiropractor Career Description

Chiropractor Job Profile and Description A chiropractor is a health professional who is responsible for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of many mechanical disorders and conditions which distort the functioning... Read More

Dietitian Career Description

Dietitian Job Profile and Description A dietitian translates scientific information on nutrition into practical advice’s for helping people take up healthy decisions about food. Dietitians also identify, diagnose and treat problems related to dietetics and also raise... Read More

General Surgeon Career Description

General Surgeon Job Profile and Description General Surgeons are specialized in treating internal injuries and diseases of areas like the head, endocrine system, abdomen, neck and other soft tissues by... Read More

Homeopathy Career Description

Homeopathy Career Job Profile and Description Homeopathy is a system of medicine that cures diseases and symptoms by employing highly diluted substances that help trigger the body’s natural immune system.... Read More

Family Physician Career Description

Family Physician Profile and Description Family physicians are usually practitioners and are often the first contact for people wanting healthcare. They are the traditional family doctor and examine and treat... Read More