Mortgage Broker Career Description

Mortgage Broker Job Profile and Description A mortgage broker is one who provides information and mortgage products from various mortgage companies to customers. In other words a mortgage broker acts as... Read More

Financial consultant career description

Financial consultant Job Profile and Description A financial consultant is one who provides advisory services to customers on financial products. The job of the financial consultant typically revolves around investment... Read More

Investment Banker Career Description

Investment Banker Job Profile and Description An investment banker is a banker who is crucial to the structuring of financial deals. These deals aid the business operation that help move... Read More

Stockbroker Career Description

Stockbroker Job Profile and Description A Stockbroker is a certified and experienced financial advisor whose job is to buy and sell shares etc on behalf of the clients or investors.... Read More

Financial Accountant Career Description

Financial Accountant Job Profile and Description A Financial accountant is a person who has exceptional knowledge of finance and provides his/her services to commercial as well as non commercial companies... Read More

Stock Market Executive Career Description

Stock Market Executive Job Profile and Description A Stock market executive is a person who has specialised knowledge and training of finance and accounting and is employed in the financial... Read More

Stock Broker Career Description

Stock Broker Profile and Description Stock brokers are professionals who execute buy and sell orders of securities like shares, bonds etc. on behalf of their clients. They must have the... Read More

Bank Manager Career Description

Bank Manager Job Profile and Description Bank managers are responsible for all the financial operations that take place in a bank and are also in charge of all the employees... Read More

Financial Controller Career Description

Financial Controller Job Profile And Description A financial controller is someone who is usually employed by large companies as the head of the accounting department where he has the responsibility... Read More

Chief Financial Officer Career Description

Chief Financial Officer Job Profile And Description A chief financial officer is more popularly called a CFO and is one of the most important senior level executives in a company.... Read More

Financial Representative Career Description

Financial RepresentativeJob Profile And Description A financial representative is someone who represents a particular financial institution like a bank and he interacts with various other companies or individuals and informs... Read More

Financial Planner Career Description

Financial PlannerJob Profile And Description A financial planner is like a financial adviser who not only gives financial counseling to the client but also plans the finances according to the... Read More

Financial Advisor Career Description

Financial Advisor Job Profile And Description A financial advisor is someone who gives the client advice on how to manage his finances depending on the latter’s financial goals, income and... Read More