Medical Assistant Job Description

Medical Assistant Job Profile and Description Medical Assistant is responsible for carrying out various administrative jobs of a clinic or health care centre. They are involved in helping the physician... Read More

Medical Secretary Job Description

Medical secretary Job Profile and Description Medical secretary are responsible to fix an appointment of the patients with the doctors. They give the patients probable dates for the surgery and... Read More

Medical Billing Job Description

Medical billing job Profile and Description Medical billing personnel are responsible for managing the bank account of the hospital. They collect cash payment from the relatives of the patient admitted... Read More

Medical Receptionist Job Description

Medical receptionist Job Profile and Description Medical receptionist perform the task of greeting the patients and solving their queries .They are responsible for scheduling appointments with the doctors and maintaining... Read More

Medical Transcriptionist Job Description

Medical transcriptionist Job Profile and Description The job profile of a medical transcriptionist includes converting of medical document in understandable language. They are responsible for explaining the prescription of the... Read More

Medical Biller Job Description

Medical Biller is expected to ensure that all the medical claims are submit on time to the various insurance companies. During the course of reviewing and submitting the bills there... Read More

Medical Records Job Description

Medical records personnel are required to maintain a record of the healthcare treatment being given to the patients. They are also required to prepare patient’s files where in the details... Read More

Medical Coder Job Description

Medical Coder is required to read notes and charts prepared by the physicians and ensure that these are accurately prepared. These professionals are also required to handle a number of... Read More

Medical Technologist Job Description

Medical Technologist is required to work in close association with the doctors and physicians. These professionals are required to examine the blood and other samples obtained from the human body.... Read More

Medical Office Assistant Job Description

Medical office Assistant is required to help the physician and other medical practitioners in carrying out various tasks such as preparing and maintaining the patient’s files, answering to the patient’s... Read More

Medical Job Descriptions

The medical field is vast and there are applicants required at every stage or position to perform certain tasks. Any person applying for a medical job needs to have the... Read More

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Job Description

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Job Profile and Description Nuclear Medicine Technologists have the responsibility of administering the radiopharmaceuticals and monitoring the characteristics and operations of different organs or tissues in which... Read More

Registered Psychiatric Nurse Job Description

Registered Psychiatric Nurse Job Profile and Description Registered Psychiatric Nurses have the responsibility of caring those people who are suffering from acute mental disorders like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depressive... Read More