Stockbroker Career Description

Stockbroker Job Profile and Description A Stockbroker is a certified and experienced financial advisor whose job is to buy and sell shares etc on behalf of the clients or investors.... Read More

Financial Accountant Career Description

Financial Accountant Job Profile and Description A Financial accountant is a person who has exceptional knowledge of finance and provides his/her services to commercial as well as non commercial companies... Read More

Revenue Agent Career Description

Revenue Agent Job Profile and Description A Revenue agent is an employee of the revenue service department of a state or a region and is required to collect the taxes... Read More

Gemologist Career Description

Gemologist Profile and Description A gemologist is an individual who has expertise and rich knowledge about different gems and stones. A gemologist is also known as a gem expert and... Read More

Geologist Career Description

Geologist Profile and Description A geologist is an individual who has acquired the knowledge and expertise to study and conduct research on the earth’s structure, crust, composition etc. Geologists study... Read More

Game Warden Career Description

Game Warden Profile and Description A game warden is basically a wildlife or conservation officer who is in-charge of enforcing the hunting, fishing laws and is responsible for keeping a... Read More

Youth Counselor Career Description

Youth Counselor Profile and Description A youth counselor is an individual who has the interest and desire to help young adults and children. These individuals are hired by churches, youth... Read More

Technical Writing Career Description

Technical Writing Profile and Description Technical writing is a field of writing which deals with technical matters ranging from equipment manuals, machinery details to appendices and operating and maintenance instructions.... Read More

Sociologist Career Description

Sociologist Profile and Description A sociologist is a person who studies political systems to understand humanity and the way in which humans respond to social changes and actions. Any person... Read More

Social Worker Career Description

Social Worker Profile and Description Social workers are responsible to provide community based social services and also identifying individuals, families and groups within a pertinent legislation for safeguarding and developing... Read More

Technical Writing Career Description

Technical Writing Job Profile and Description A technical writer, as quite evitable from the job title, needs to write articles on technical issues. Technical writing includes preparing written documents with... Read More

Academic Advisor Career Description

Academic Advisor Profile and Description Academic advisors assess student needs, interests, goals and prior academic experiences so as to guide students in taking up and successfully pursing their chosen academic... Read More

Federal Agent Career Description

Federal Agent Job Profile and Description Federal Agents are employed by the federal government of the United States in order to ensure the safety of the citizens and also to... Read More