Child Psychologist Career Description

Child Psychologist Profile and Description A child psychologist is a psychologist who specializes in studying of the mental, physical and psychological development and condition of children and helps them to... Read More

Pediatric Oncology Career Description

Pediatric Oncology Profile and Description A pediatric oncologist is a pediatrician who has gained specialization in treating adolescents, infants and children.  A pediatric oncologist generally attends to those medical conditions... Read More

Hematologist Career Description

Hematologist Profile and Description A hematologist is a professional working in the field of medical sciences and healthcare and has expertise in blood related diseases and illnesses. A hematologist works... Read More

Veterinary Assistant Career Description

Veterinary Assistant Profile and Description Veterinary assistants are those professionals who work under veterinarians and help them in taking care of animals and pets. A veterinary assistant feeds animals and... Read More

Forensic Pathologist Career Description

Forensic Pathologist Profile and Description A forensic pathologist is an expert medical professional whose job is to conduct autopsies on dead bodies so as to determine the cause of the... Read More

Occupational Therapy Career Description

Occupational Therapy Profile and Description An occupational therapist is an individual who is responsible for helping other people to improve their ability to do tasks which are associated with daily... Read More

Food Technologist Career Description

Food Technologist Job Profile and Description Food Technologists are those who work in the food processing industry and are responsible for creating and improving food products.  A food technologist creates... Read More

Wedding Planner Career Description

Wedding Planner Job Profile and Description A wedding planner, quite understandably, performs the task of planning weddings of various individuals, among same or varied community, caste, or religion, with due... Read More

Party Planner Career Description

Party Planner Job Profile and Description A party planner is an individual who organizes and manages various parties – professional and formal as well as the informal ones. The basic... Read More

Hospitality Management Career Description

Hospitality Management Job Profile and Description A hospitality manager is an individual who has to oversee and direct all the operations of providing various facilities in a hotel, resort, motel,... Read More

Hospitality Industry Career Description

Hospitality Industry Job Profile and Description An individual working in the hospitality industry has to perform duties in order to ensure that the guests have a satisfactory and good stay... Read More

Hotel Management Career Description

Hotel Management Job Profile and Description A hotel manager is an individual who is responsible for managing the day to day operations of a hotel. They also have to ensure... Read More

Waiter Career Description

Waiter Job Profile and Description A waiter is a person who is responsible for taking food and beverage orders from the customers and delivering the order to the customers. They... Read More