Technical writer career description

Technical writer Job Profile and Description A technical writer is one who engages in the production of technical document creation through technical writing. The technical writer engages in preparation of... Read More

Computer Programming Career Description

Computer Programming Profile and Description A computer programmer is a computer professional who works for a company and creates and develops programs as per the needs and requirements of the... Read More

Visual Artist Career Description

Visual Artist Job Profile and Description: The job profile of a visual artist is quite broad and extensive, including within its fold, professions of animation, graphic art design, animation and... Read More

Desktop Publisher Career Description

Desktop Publisher Job Profile and Description: This is a field where students and aspirants are required to learn how to use publishing in a variety of fields. Document layout design,... Read More

Data Entry Career Description

Data Entry Job Profile and Description: The data entry professional will find work in a number of areas like banking, telecommunications, and computer-based data storage institutions and so on. His... Read More

Software Developer Career Description

Software Developer Job Profile and Description: A software developer is in charge of creating, conceptualising, installing, maintaining, debugging and updating a software product. This requires considerable technical knowhow. The software... Read More

3D Animator Career Description

3D Animator Job Profile and Description: 3D animation is a career that is a unique blend of both science and art. In other words, the technological backup of science is... Read More

3D Animation Career Description

3D Animation Job Profile and Description: A 3D animator works primarily in the two extremely popular fields of films and gaming. He combines in himself and his work, the unique... Read More

Game Programmer Career Description

Game Programmer Job Profile and Description: A game programmer, referring to individuals who design and execute video games meant to run on computers, is actually software professional who develops the... Read More

Computer Programmer Career Description

Computer Programmer Job Profile and Description: The primary task of computer programmers is to provide instructions which the computer can follow. In other words, they convert the software programs created... Read More

Graphic Artist Career Description

Graphic Artist Job Profile and Description: Graphic artists work with software and their own artistic skill to provide a variety of work which can be seen across a diverse field... Read More

Programmer Career Description

Programmer Job Profile and Description: A programmer, usually a computer programmer, is involved in providing complex or simple software instructions to a computer by virtue of which the computer can... Read More