Visual Merchandiser Career Description

Visual Merchandiser Job Profile and Description A visual merchandiser is one who is in charge of the display of products in a retail store. The visual merchandiser has to ensure that... Read More

Real Estate Agent Career Description

Real Estate Agent Job Profile and Description A real estate agent helps his client with selling, buying or renting homes and other properties. They are different from brokers as agents... Read More

Insurance Broker Career Description

Insurance Broker Profile and Description An insurance broker is a person who forms a link between the client and the insurance company and sees to it that the client gets... Read More

Oceanography Career Description

Oceanography Profile and Description An oceanographer is an individual who uses mathematics and sciences to explain and research the complex relationships between fresh water, atmosphere and the biosphere. Any individual... Read More

Strategic Planner Career Description

Strategic Planner Profile and Description Strategic planners provide strategies for the present and future growth of the business organization via suggesting the improvements or changes to existing business plans, procedures... Read More

Business Law Career Description

Business LawJob Profile And Description Business law is a field where an attorney or lawyer who is an expert in corporate law works with companies on various matters related to... Read More

Business Analyst Career Description

Business Analyst Job Profile And Description A business analyst is someone who takes responsibility of studying a company’s business objectives, resources and performance and depending on the results of that... Read More

Business Administration Career Description

Business Administration Job Profile And Description Business administration is an area where someone takes charge of making sure that all the various departments in an organisation are functioning smoothly so... Read More

Business Management Career Description

Business Management Job Profile And Description Business management is field where one takes responsibility of managing the business of a company by coordinating between different departments and supervising their performance.... Read More

Business Development Career Description

Business Development Job Profile And Description Business development refers to the field where senior experts on business work with the marketing and sales department and suggest strategies which will help... Read More