Paramedic Career Description

Paramedic Job Profile and Description A Paramedic is a high level emergency medical technician who works for a medical facility to handle emergency cases. He/she provides medical aid and attention... Read More

Dietician Career Description

Dietician Job Profile and Description A person who provides sound advice to people who are concerned about their diet or about gaining or losing weight is known as a dietician.... Read More

General Practitioner Career Description

General Practitioner Job Profile and Description A General practitioner is a doctor or a medical personnel who is required to diagnose and treat various genera medical conditions and injuries. Any... Read More

Immunologist Career Description

Immunologist Job Profile and Description An Immunologist is a person who is trained and educated to treat those patients who are suffering from some kind of an immune-system disorder. Immunology... Read More

Hygienist Career Description

Hygienist Job Profile and Description A Hygienist or a dental hygienist is a person who is responsible for removing tartar and plaque etc from the teeth of the patients and... Read More

Medical Researcher Career Description

Medical Researcher Job Profile And Description A medical researcher is someone who studies the different aspects of health, the human body, medicines and treatments for the benefit of mankind. Medical... Read More

Medical Transcription Career Description

Medical Transcription Job Profile And Description A medical transcriptionist has to carefully listen to audio records made by doctors and then transcribe them into proper documents which can be used... Read More

Medical Secretary Career Description

Medical Secretary Job Profile And Description A medical secretary is someone who works for a doctor either in a clinic or a medical facility and has similar administrative responsibilities as... Read More

Medical Dosimetrist Career Description

Medical Dosimetrist Job Profile And Description A medical dosimetrist is a medical professional who has to supervise and administer the exact amount of radiation which is given to someone suffering... Read More

Medical Physicist Career Description

Medical Physicist Job Profile And Description A medical physicist is a type of physician who engages in the diagnosis of ailments in specialised areas where he recommends radiology treatment of... Read More

Medical Billing Coding Career Description

Medical Billing Coding Job Profile And Description Medical billing and coding is a very crucial part of ensuring that the hospital or healthcare facility receives all the payment for the... Read More

Medical Coding Career Description

Medical Coding Job Profile And Description Medical coding is an administrative job and is very important part of working in a healthcare facility because a medical coder is responsible for... Read More

Medical Technologist Career Description

Medical Technologist Job Profile And Description A medical technologist is someone who works in laboratories and help in various diagnostics tests. They are also called clinical laboratory technologists and use... Read More