Chartered Accountant Job Profile And Description

A chartered accountant is a type of accountant who has been certified by the country’s professional governing and regulating body of chartered accountants after getting trained with a certified chartered accountant and also passing a number of tests. In order to practice in the United States, a chartered accountant has to pass a CPA exam and meet some requirements to be a member of this professional body. They can work for both government and private companies and besides reviewing their financial statements, they can also provide their professional counsel to the employers. In the US, chartered accounts are more often called a certified accountant.

Chartered Accountant Duties And Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a chartered accountant will involve:

  • Working with different financial documents, spread sheets, various records of investments, spending, savings and budgets etc
  • Give advice to the organisation on various financial decisions and how to boost profits of the company
  • They have to perform auditing and taxation duties too in some companies
  • Prepare financial reports and documents after checking and verifying them according to the rules of the country

Chartered Accountant Skills And Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of a chartered accountant include:

  • Must be good with numbers and have great analytical skills
  • Should have an eye for details and be willing to work for long hours

Chartered Accountant Education And Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a chartered accountant are as follows:

  • A bachelor’s degree with a background in commerce and knowledge of subjects like economics, finance, accounts etc
  • Must have good computer skills and knowledge of how to use the software required for this job
  • Pass the certification program along with getting training from a professional

Chartered Accountant Salary

The median salary of a chartered accountant is $59,000 which goes up with more qualifications and experience.