Carpenter Career Description

Carpenter Job Profile and Description A carpenter is an individual who makes and also repairs furniture and other objects that are to be constructed. A carpenter may have to work... Read More

Architectural Technologist Career Description

Architectural Technologist Job Profile And Description An architectural technologist is one who contributes towards the early stages of conception of a building by providing their expertise on the construction of... Read More

Drafter Career Description

Drafter Job Profile And Description A drafter is someone who makes technical drawings required for construction. He can be either a mechanical drafter or an architectural drafter and their job... Read More

Architectural Drafter Career Description

Architectural Drafter Job Profile And Description An architectural drafter is someone who works with an architect and creates the drawings that are used by the construction workers when they are... Read More

Landscape Architecture Career Description

Landscape Architecture Job Profile And Description Landscape architecture is a career where one uses his creativity, vision and tools to design a landscape within someone’s private garden, backyard, an educational... Read More

Architecture Career Description

ArchitectureJob Profile And Description Architecture is a career where one uses his training and technical knowledge to create the blueprint of designing buildings like houses or offices according to the... Read More

Architect Career Description

Architect Job Profile And Description An architect is someone who uses mathematical and scientific principles to design the exterior or the interior of a building to make it look more... Read More

Roofer Career Description

RooferJob Profile And Description A roofer is someone who repairs, maintains and installs the roof of a building. Every type of construction worker has a different responsibility. While some may... Read More

Welding Engineer Career Description

Welding Engineer Job Profile And Description A welding engineer or a metallurgist is someone who knows how to weld metals which is an important part of construction, repair and maintenance... Read More

Plumber Career Description

Plumber Job Profile And Description A plumber is someone who fixes the pipes, water or heating system. He is part of the construction or maintenance team and helps to install... Read More

Construction Management Career Description

Construction Management Job Profile And Description Construction management is a field where one takes responsibility of supervising the different aspects of a construction project and monitoring the progress so that... Read More