Philanthropist Job Description

Philanthropist Profile and Description Philanthropists are those who take part in activities that are designed for the benefit of the society and its people. Philanthropists make donations in the form... Read More

Physical Chemist Job Description

Physical Chemist Job Profile and Description A Physical Chemist is responsible to analyze, discover and understand the physical characteristics of material by performing various tests and experiments. A Physical Chemist... Read More

Physical Therapist Job Description

Physical Therapist Job Profile and Description Physical therapists take part in rehab programs by providing services that help in treating patients who are suffering from injuries or diseases. A physical... Read More

Health Coordinator Job Description

Health Coordinator Job Profile and Description Health coordinators are responsible for providing supportive social services to people with certain illness. A health coordinator facilitates the occupational activities of health clinics... Read More

Dental Hygienist Job description

Dental Hygienist Job Profile and Description Dental hygienists are responsible for assisting patients with dental procedures in order to promote oral hygiene among patients. A dental hygienist teaches his patients... Read More

Health Coach Job Profile Description

The health coach is a professional who is an expert at advising and counseling on the important requirements for a healthy lifestyle. This job is important in various aspects. For... Read More

Health Assistant Job Profile Description

A health assistant is a professional health care worker who is in charge of assisting health care administrators or supervisors. He or she is responsible for ensuring that all patients... Read More

Diabetes Health Counselor Job Profile Description

The diabetes health counselors are trained professionals who are responsible for providing education as well as advice on the different ways of preventing diabetes. They are also trained in other... Read More

Health Administrator Job Profile Description

The health administrator’s job is an important one to the overall functioning of a medical facility. This job essentially involves the management and business side of a hospital or health... Read More

Health Administration Job Profile Description

The health administration job is concerned with managing medical and health services and involves different posts like health care executives, medical supervisor etc. The purpose of this job is to... Read More