Television Producer Career Description

Television Producer Profile and Description A television producer is in charge of planning general shows, news bulletin, documentaries etc. for the TV. Television producers are responsible for collecting all important... Read More

Magazine Editor Career Description

Magazine Editor Job Description: The magazine editor is a journalist at a senior post who is responsible for executing and planning different articles and issues of trade and consumer magazines.... Read More

Video Editor Career Description

Video Editor Job Description: The video editor is responsible for putting raw visual footage together with the help of digital editing software. They are associated with a number of industries... Read More

Broadcast Journalism Career Description

Broadcast Journalism Job Profile and Description: Broadcast journalists are typically required to collect information from a news scene, gather the date and organize it, and present it to an audience.... Read More

Media Specialist Career Description

Media Specialist Job Profile and Description: A media specialist chiefly trains others to handle media and its various equipments as required in individual fields. In other words, depending on the... Read More

Copy Editor Career Description

Copy Editor Job Profile and Description: The copy editor is one who ensures that the correct content is printed in different forms of published texts like books, online articles etc.... Read More

Broadcast News Analyst Career Description

Broadcast News Analyst Job Profile and Description: A broadcast news analyst is basically a newsreader or a news anchor, whose primary task is to report events making news from around... Read More

Print Journalism Career Description

Print Journalism Job Profile and Description: Print journalism refers to writers, communists and reporters who work for newspapers and news magazines. Print journalism, though similar to other forms of journalism,... Read More

Photo Editor Career Description

Photo Editor Job Description: The photo editor is one who works for a newspaper, magazine, website or a book publishing house. They are required to edit select, position and publish... Read More

Legal Secretary Career Description

Legal Secretary Job Description: The legal secretary is one who handles the legal terms and conditions, court filings and legal procedures of different documents along with other office work. He... Read More

Disc Jockey Career Description

Disc Jockey Job Description: Disc Jockeys or DJs are ones who broadcast music for different commercial purposes. They are responsible for music for different interviews, commercials and commentaries that are... Read More

News Report Career Description

News Report Job Profile and Description: A news reporter is primarily entrusted with the task of covering news stories and presenting them with multimedia to an audience, through the medium... Read More