Medical Sales Career Description

Medical Sales Job Profile and Description: The main thrust of the career of a medical sales agent is the selling or marketing of medical products to doctors, hospitals, medical institutions... Read More

Advertising Sales Career Description

Advertising Sales Job Profile and Description: An advertising sales agent is an important cog in the advertising wheel. He is entrusted with the task of discussing the advertisement plans of... Read More

Sales Representative Career Description

Sales Representative Job Profile and Description: The job profile of a sales representative is varied and diverse. It includes the expansion of customer base and outlining plans for the same.... Read More

Sales Director Career Description

Sales Director Job Profile and Description: A sales director is in charge of the sales division or department of the company. This entails a number of very important responsibilities like... Read More

Forensic Scientist Career Description

Forensic Scientist Job Profile and Description: Forensic scientists or investigators are involved in the resolution of criminal cases usually working in a laboratory environment or setting. The forensic scientist also... Read More

Pharmaceutical Sales Career Description

Pharmaceutical Sales Job Profile and Description: A pharmaceutical sales agent is required to sell pharmaceutical products, affiliated to a drug or pharmaceutical company, to clients in the medicine industry. This... Read More

Auto Sales Career Description

Auto Sales Job Profile and Description: An auto sales job profile depends on the nature of the job in terms of hierarchy in the division of sales. The most common... Read More

Sales Manager Career Description

Sales Manager Job Profile and Description: Sales are very important part of any company, since the aim of one is to sell its products. The job profile of a sales... Read More

Sales Trading Career Description

Sales Trading Job Profile and Description: A sales trader is known also as a sales broker or a sales agent, whose chief function is to advise individual clients regarding their... Read More