A Day in the life of a Nursing

NursesĀ are a very important part of the healthcare system. Any system needs a strong base in the pyramid of hierarchy and nurses are responsible for that. Here are some facts... Read More

Nursing Supervisor Job Description

Nursing supervisor is required to handle the team of nurses working in a hospital or nursing home. It is essential for a nursing supervisor to have complete knowledge about the... Read More

Nursing Home Aide Job Description

Nursing Home Aide helps the nurses in taking care of the patients at their residences. They are mostly employed exclusively for individual patients at their homes. The duty of a... Read More

Nursing Faculty Job Description

Nursing Faculty is required to teach nursing lessons to the students aspiring to get into this field. They need to be thorough about the various medical and clinical terms, processes... Read More

Nursing Educator Job Description

Nursing Educator is required to prepare the training curriculum and programs for the nursing students. They usually work for educational institutes and teach the nursing students or are even employed... Read More

Nurse Anesthetist Job Description

Nursing Anesthetist works as a part of the medical care team and helps in performing surgeries. The profession offers a good enough salary and the job duties performed by a... Read More

Nurse Attorney Job Description

Nurse Attorney is expected to have a degree in both nursing as well as law. He is basically a registered nurse having a degree in law. Nurse attorney may work... Read More

Nurse Practitioner Job Description

Nurse Practitioner also referred to as Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner is basically a Registered nurse having advanced training in diagnosing and treating various ailments and injuries. They are employed in... Read More