Naturalist Job Profile and Description

A naturalist is one who assists in keeping a balance in the environment. The naturalist teaches people about the need for protection of plants and animals that live in the forests. The job of a naturalist is mostly involved in teaching and spreading information about the need for maintenance of ecosystems that are necessary for maintaining a balance in the society.

Naturalist Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a naturalist are listed here under :-

  • Develop information with regard to natural environmental issues such as forests, oceans, plant etc that help people understand importance of nature conservation.

  • Provide customer service and information on environment to all interested in knowing more information.

  • Create interest in listeners about the preservation of nature and its various elements.

  • Prepare presentations on environmental protection and showcase to clients on behalf of company.

  • Plan and conduct nature related programs from time to time.

Naturalist Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of a naturalist are given as under :-

  • Must have a good orderly and organized way of working

  • Must have a positive attitude towards work and life.

  • Should be a very patient person to handle even difficult queries at any point of time.

  • Should be a good listener to understand the opinions expressed by others as well.

  • Should have good public speaking skills to present information without any fear.

Naturalist Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a naturalist are provided here under :-

  • A bachelor’s degree in field related to environmental science is necessary.

  • The candidate must have master’s degree in wildlife biology, resource management and other related fields.

  • A candidate with PhD degree is given preference.

Naturalist Salary

The salary of a naturalist depends on the educational background and experience acquired over a period of time. It generally revolves around $45,000 per annum.