Training Consultant Job Description and Profile

A Training Consultant is such a professional who is responsible for performing the requirements and assessments for the organization and then developing the required materials needed for the functioning of the organization. They would have to design and facilitate the materials required for the customer and employee training necessities. Training can include everything from diverse fields related to the needs of customer and organization. They also offer training to the new hires and recruits of the organization in order to train them in accordance to the organization’s needs.

Training Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Training corporate instructor, with regard to the dealing with the employees and customers.
  • Delivering instructional classroom instructions to the employees and customers.
  • Delivering materials for the purpose of developing instructions and including the instructional materials for both the customers and employees.
  • Collecting and developing instructional materials in order to meet the requirements of the organization.
  • Evaluating the impact of the employee training and the effectiveness of training programs.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of employee training and the helpfulness of the training programs which are offered to the employees of the company.
  • Examining the existing condition of the company and formulating the policies necessary for offering the company with the equipments for the required growth.
  • Improving the productivity and efficiency of the personnel.
  • Engaging in important productive training sessions in regular intervals in order to ensure that the quality of the company is maintained.

Training Consultant Education, Training and Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in Instructional design or a related discipline is highly essential. However, a master’s degree is highly essential if the professional requires a higher position in the job field. A highly qualified consultant might even move to a senior role if he has the requisite ability and if the company finds it important enough.

Training Consultant Degrees, Courses & Certification

Certifications on different facets associated with this field are available which can help the professional to land a better job. Job openings in this field are quite vast since these professionals are in great demand.

Training Consultant Skills and Specifications

  • Highly organized and responsible in nature.
  • Great supervisory abilities.
  • Ability to offer people important suggestions on various matters.
  • Ability to train people adequately.
  • Great communication skills
  • Excellent leadership qualities
  • Ability to work under pressurized conditions

Training Consultant Salary/Wage

In July 2010, the salary offered to the training consultant was $67,136 per year. However, the salary of the training consultant greatly depends on the nature of the job, the expertise and experience of the professional.



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