Many Companies or organizations have a legal department to make sure that their actions and policies do not breach the rules and regulations of the law. The head of the legal department is called the general counsel and in multinational companies, other attorneys are employed to support them. These attorneys are called as assistant general counsel or associate general counsel. They help the general counsel in making strategies for litigation, conducting legal research and drafting letters and advising regulatory requirements.

Education and Training required

Only an attorney can get the job of an associate general counsel. This requires seven years of full-time education and state bar admission. An individual is officially accepted as an attorney, if they are admitted to the bar and they have the license to practice law. They should have practiced law for a few years to get this coveted post.

Getting the job

One of the best ways is to register with job placement agencies or to contact a job coordinator. There are various organizations which can be directly contacted. They can also register on job portals or go through internet advertisements.

Working Conditions

They generally assist the general counsel in the legal research and offer advice to the people who usually take decisions on employment issues, regulatory compliance and administrative policies.

Salary and Benefits:

There are a large number of law degree graduates and the competition for getting this job is higher as this position offers competitive salaries and less demanding hours. These attorneys earn a minimum annual salary of $196,346. The salary increases for people who have a wide range of experience. They also get other benefits like tax sheltered annuity and medical issues.