Nurse Attorney is expected to have a degree in both nursing as well as law. He is basically a registered nurse having a degree in law. Nurse attorney may work in big corporate structures or private set ups. Nurse attorneys help in preparing new healthcare policies and revising the existing ones at federal, state and local levels. The nurse attorneys support policies that impact the nursing interests directly. Nurse attorneys have a number of degrees in hand and can apply for various positions within the legal and medical industry.

They may provide legal health consultancy services or act as legal witnesses. Nurse Attorney may also be employed in the academic sphere where he is expected to edit or write legal journals and give lessons on nursing law related subjects.

Nursing Attorney Duties and Responsibilities

Nurse Attorney may be employed at different work places and is required to handle various duties and responsibilities based on the place he is employed at. Some of the job duties and responsibilities of a Nurse Attorney are as follows:

  • Nurse Attorney is required to prepare new healthcare policies after studying various aspects of the subject.
  • Nurse Attorney needs to review the existing healthcare policies and revise them to bring improvisations.
  • Nurse Attorney is required to implement the healthcare policies designed by them.
  • Nurse Attorney may provide healthcare consultancy services to their clients.
  • Nurse Attorney may be required to write journals and edit the existing ones.
  • Nurse Attorney is required to attend seminars on the legal healthcare subjects to understand and discuss various aspects of the same.

Nursing Attorney Skills and Specifications

Nursing Attorney requires the below mentioned skills and specifications:

  • Nursing Attorney is required to have a good presence of mind.
  • Nursing Attorney needs to have knowledge about the legal practices as well as various aspects of nursing.
  • Nursing Attorney is required to have good communication skills.
  • Nursing Attorney must be confident.

Nursing Attorney Education and Qualification

A Nursing Attorney has to acquire various degrees and certificates in order to practice this profession. The education and qualification requirements for a Nursing Attorney are as follows:

  • A High School Diploma
  • Bachelor’s of Science specializing in Nursing or an Associate Degree in Nursing
  • Degree in law from an Accredited Law School
  • Need to clear state bar licensing examination

Nursing Attorney Salary

The average annual salary of a Nursing Attorney is around ……………  The salary may vary based on the employer, city and various other factors such as qualification, work experience, etc.