Financial consultant Job Profile and Description

Financial consultants or financial advisers are specialists in the field of finance who are hired by companies or individuals and they help these organizations make informed financial decisions. Financial consultants follow the market trends, the direction of the economy, policy changes, etc and use these information to help a client decide what kind of investment decisions would be appropriate for posting profits or not.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Financial consultants use their knowledge of the financial world to give advice to the companies and help them perform better
  • They examine financial statements of the organisation, evaluate investment opportunities, and based on the company‚Äôs requirements, finances, budget, they provide advice to clients about the possible investment opportunities
  • They also give suggestions on the issue of fund raising and what would be the best route
  • They provide advice to stockbrokers and other individuals who want to sell securities namely, stocks, bonds, etc and tell them how to go about it

Skills and Specifications

  • Financial consultants must keep themselves up to date with the latest developments in the market and financial world
  • They need to have an aptitude for numbers, and must understand the nuances of government policies and their effects on the corporate world
  • They need to have good communication skills, and must present their findings in an organised manner
  • They have to often follow deadlines and need to deal with stress
  • Negotiation skills are also very important and he must be persuasive though polite
  • Networking skills are also an added advantage as it is better if he interacts with high profile individuals from the corporate world.

Education and Qualifications

A financial consultant must have a bachelor’s degree with a commerce background. He can specialise in accounting, business administration, economics, finance or statistics or any other appropriate consulting licenses as required by the country or the consultancy he works for.