Foreign Exchange Analyst Job Profile and Description

A Foreign exchange analyst is a person who provides his services to clients as far as investing in foreign markets is concerned. A foreign exchange analyst has expertise in oversees financial markets and are required to perform a number of tasks such as advising their clients, making forecasts etc. the following is a detailed description of the career of a foreign exchange analyst.

Foreign Exchange Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a Foreign exchange analyst are as follows:

  • It is the duty and responsibility of a foreign exchange analyst to help their clients in understanding the foreign markets and the advisable investment decisions to be taken.
  • Another duty and responsibility of a foreign exchange analyst is to give their clients information about the exchange rates and the best to invest into the global market.

Foreign Exchange Analyst Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required to become a foreign exchange analyst are as follows:

  • A foreign exchange analyst must possess the knowledge of the global market and should be aware of the current trends and financial status of the world economy.
  • He/she must be very updated about the economies of different countries and regions.
  • A skill required by a foreign exchange analyst is attention to details and strong hold over maths and accounts.

Foreign Exchange Analyst Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications required to be a foreign exchange analyst are given as follows:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a field related to business, accountancy, finance etc is the right path to becoming a foreign exchange analyst.
  • An MBA degree in finance is also preferred.

Foreign Exchange Analyst Salary

A foreign exchange analyst may earn an amount of $69333 on an average in a year. But this amount can either increase or decrease depending upon the skills of the individual.