Investment Banker Job Profile and Description

An investment banker is a banker who is crucial to the structuring of financial deals. These deals aid the business operation that help move the economy forward. They give advice to companies and professionals on stocks and on configuring their business settings as per the offerings.Their job also includes identifying and securing mergers, acquisitions and privatisations. They also are responsible for several transactions including buying and selling on behalf of their clients. They are generally employed by banks and other institutions dealing with finances. They help clients analyse their potential profits and losses. Clients consult investment bankers for their advice on their dealings and help them develop agreements.

Investment Banker Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an investment banker include:

  • Collecting and analysing different kinds of numeric information
  • Preparation of legal documents
  • Conducting detailed marker research
  • Maintaining spreadsheets and making reports
  • Preparation of prospectuses
  • Weighing up and prediction of different financial risks involved
  • Rendering financial advice, suggestions and recommendations to client

Investment Banker Skills and Specifications

Discussed below are the skills and specifications required in an investment banker:

  • Ambitious and determined
  • Good team working spirit
  • Pressure handling capacity
  • Good analytical insight and skills
  • Sound understanding of numerical and good communication skills

Investment Banker education and Qualifications

The education and qualifications required to be an investment banker includes:

  • A minimum of bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or economics.
  • Qualification in Law
  • Good knowledge of economics, business management and mathematics

Investment Banker Salary

Investment bankers should expect to work long hours but then they are compensated highly for the same. The salary largely depends on nature of job and experience of the banker. However, one can expect an average salary of at least $45,000 – $125,000 annually.