Dance Teacher Job Profile and Description

A dance teacher is someone who has a good knowledge about dance and music and hence trains others in all types of dances. They help students develop their dancing skills by training and supervising them. They observe their students to determine the kind of training and development they would need to meet their dancing needs and objectives. They demonstrate the techniques that help control the body movements to achieve desired moves.

Dance Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

A dance teacher’s duties and responsibilities include:

  • Demonstrating methods and techniques of dances
  • Observe and rectify students’ mistake
  • Form various dance curriculums and implementation of different developmental activities
  • Review all students and evaluate their progress

Dance Teacher Skills and Specifications

Given below are few of the required skills and specifications for a career as a dance teacher:

  • A dance teacher must be patient
  • Must possess excellent communications skills
  • Ability to motivate and encourage students
  • Promote dance as overall well being for people of all ages

Dance Teacher Education and Qualifications

A dance teacher should ideally possess the following education and qualifications:

  •  At least a bachelor’s degree in dance education and applied dance
  • Dance teachers wanting to work as private teachers must have qualifications from any of the dance awarding organisations
  • A dance teacher must have a good knowledge of the basic dancing technique before getting into any kind of specialisation
  • Masters in dance history, theory and origin of dance forms helps immensely
  • Extensive and advanced level of training in different forms

Dance Teacher Salary

A dance teacher’s salary varies job to job; depending on the contract. They may be paid on hourly basis, or on the basis of number of sessions given. But on an average a dance teacher may earn an annual salary of $40,000 – $50,000.