With the internet becoming the competitive space for just about all commercial entities, the need to capture a share of the more than 2 billion people with online access around the world, and growing, has never been more compelling.  And the only real asset you have in cyberspace to do that is your website.

Education and Training required

There’s no specific college course to become a web developer though there are vocational courses that allow you to enter the field but more are a programmer in any of the web application tools and language.  Any degree course in mass communication, information technology, graphic or industrial arts, industrial psychology and marketing along with a vocational course in HTML programming can bring you into a career convergence as a web developer.

Web development has become a multi-disciplinary work so that people with training in marketing with a good grasp in creative arts as well as graphic designers with good marketing skills can become one.  The important thing is to understand the evolving dynamics and demands in online marketing and the psychology of online surfers to make online purchases.

Getting the Job

There’s no dearth in jobs associated with web development. As a multi-disciplinary career requirement knowledge and skill in HTM programming, marketing and creative graphic arts, becoming a web developer need not be reposed in just one person, but can be a team which is often the case with web development companies.

The creative and HTML programming side can land you in the design department, while the marketing requirement can land you in the Search Engine Optimization side which also works together with the creative side to ensure that the final web page achieves its commercial objectives.

Working Conditions

You basically work in an office environment with a creative and programming workstations as your tools of the trade.  You could also be interfacing with corporate clients in the design specification stage which could involve some traveling. A growing number can develop web pages from the home.

Salary and Benefits

The best employers are often companies engaged in internet and new media services with salaries ranging from $42,600 to $64,000 annually, followed by web development service firms and advertising agencies.  Colleges and university are close where you can expect the lowest median at around $37,800.