RooferJob Profile And Description

A roofer is someone who repairs, maintains and installs the roof of a building. Every type of construction worker has a different responsibility. While some may be experts in stonework while others in woodwork. Roofers have the required training to put the roof in a house in the correct manner and must follow all the safety rules and regulations. He is part of the construction team and must follow the instructions of the manager who will tell him what type of roof and design the client wants. Based on that, he installs the roof to suit the requirements of the client and also uses different materials and techniques. He may have to work in different conditions including very hot or wet weather and hence must be physically fit.

RooferDuties And Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a roofer will involve:

  • He installs or repairs the roof of a house which protects it from rain and sunshine
  • He can use different materials like asphalt, tin, rubber or tar to protect the roof
  • He will have to lift heavy materials and may be at risk of an injury of he is not careful

RooferSkills And Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of a roofer include:

  • He must be physically fit and be able to do heavy lifting
  • He should be comfortable with heights and work in different conditions for long hours

RooferEducation And Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a roofer are as follows:

  • No formal degree is required as even a high school dropout can become a roofer
  • They are trained on the job or work with an experienced roofer for a few years to get the necessary experience and training


The average salary of a roofer is $8.75 to $12 per hour but those with experience can also get $24.