Carpenter Job Profile and Description

A carpenter is an individual who makes and also repairs furniture and other objects that are to be constructed. A carpenter may have to work indoor or outdoor – the former for works such as building wooden office décor or drawing room cabinet, etc. and the latter for constructing public bridges, stairways, etc.

The job profile of a carpenter comprises of physically challenging jobs and hence demands cautiousness on the part of the individual. The carpenter does not simply work with machines at the site, he also needs to assemble equipments and tools at the job front effectively and also manage his group members at times.

Carpenter Duties and Responsibilities

The following duties and responsibilities have to be performed by a carpenter:

  • A carpenter has to apply proper machineries at the required sites and projects and ensure proper operations in constructing various structures and frameworks.
  • The exact measurements, type of sawing and cutting, pasting, are to be determined and conducted by a carpenter.
  • It is the job of the carpenter to perform requirement analysis and determine the necessary raw materials and report them to supervisors, as needed for the specific task.
  • Carpenters perform risky jobs; hence it is their responsibility to thoroughly study the safety rules and regulations and execute the tasks conforming to the rules.
  • A carpenter may need to study drawings and sketches and prepare structures with the required functionalities, as presented in designs and blueprints.

Carpenter Skills and Specification

The specific skills required to be possessed by carpenters are:

  • Mathematical knowledge – understanding of geometrical shapes and viewing
  • Ability to objectify designs and sketches
  • Basic knowledge of the practicality of constructions
  • Physical strength and fitness, body balance, coordination skills

Carpenter Education and Qualification

Although a carpenter does not require formal education or degrees, training in the art of carpentry is highly necessary. Also, one needs to hold a certificate for completion of some particular course on carpentry, approved by registered U.S bodies.

Carpenter Salary

The salary of an average carpenter would be $36,000 per year.