3D Animator Job Profile and Description:

3D animation is a career that is a unique blend of both science and art. In other words, the technological backup of science is combined with innate artistic flair to create a visually effective and dazzling product. 3D animators are extremely sought after in the fields of online gaming or gaming, in general, and films. This is a very interesting and innovative profession and it has gained currency in a big way.

There are many areas of specialization that a 3D animator can be involved in like graphic animation, storyboard design, concept animation, character animation and so on.

3D Animator Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a 3D animator are as follows:

  • If the 3D animator is working in films, he is required to create photo realistic models of everything starting from scenes to characters. Understanding the need for storyboard concept, matching movement and so on are some of the other tasks.
  • To create an impact with the work done, both visually and in the form of visual rendering of strong concepts. 3D animators must ensure that the needs of the client are completely fulfilled.

3D Animator Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of a 3D animator are as follows:

  • At least 5 years experience as an intern or apprentice affiliated with a reputed design company or under reputed freelance designers.
  • Understanding of lighting, cinematography, filming techniques and so on if the 3D animator works in films. If he works in the field of gaming, character design, storytelling, lighting, mimicking human and animal movements are other skills needed.

3D Animator Education and Qualifications:

The educational qualifications of a 3D animator are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in digital animation.
  • Certificate programs or associate degree programs in 3D animation

3D Animator Salary:

A 3D animator will earn approximately 60,000 USD per annum.