Brick Masons, Block Masons and Stone Masons Profile and Description

The masons are responsible for constructing buildings, walls and floors. They play an important role in laying the basic foundation of every building, wall and floor. They have the habit of working in the outdoors in various kinds of weather which makes them face all kinds of safety hazards like working at huge heights and with various dangerous tools.

Brick Masons, Block Masons and Stone Masons Duties and Responsibilities

  • Constructing walls, floors of the buildings and working with a variety of natural, artificial type of stones and other materials.
  • Utilizing specialized tools for the purposes of cutting, shaping the stone and setting them in place based on the drawings and designs.
  • Using a special cleaning solution in order to make the surface stain free after the work is done.
  • Repairing structures and removing all types of imperfections that may appear over time.
  • Using tools to set concrete blocks in place thereby adequately supporting buildings and residential homes.

Brick Masons, Block Masons and Stone Masons Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to do mechanical drawing with ease
  • Good dexterity
  • Great stamina and strength
  • Good technical sense
  • Aware of the intricacies of their job

Brick Masons, Block Masons and Stone Masons Education and Qualifications

  • Training can be either informal or formal. Training can even be obtained through on-the-job experience.
  • Technical schools and community colleges sometimes offer training programs which can be availed by people aspiring to enter this field.

Brick Masons, Block Masons and Stone Masons Salary

The average hourly wage of these individuals is about $21.94, with the highest paid per hour is about $13.26. However the wage rate can vary with changes in economic conditions, real estate sector.