Construction Controller Job Profile and Description

The construction controller has to coordinate all the facets involved in a construction project. Besides monitoring the actual construction process, the construction controller works within a budgetary limit so as to ensure that the project completes on time.

From the site selection to the hiring of the construction personnel, the construction controller handles all the daily processes of the building construction.

Construction Controller Duties and Responsibilities

The core duties and responsibilities that a construction controller has to discharge include the following:

  • Assisting the construction director in activities concerned with the reporting and control of the construction processes and interfering with all the internal divisions of the company and the partners, senior management, and representatives of the business community.
  • Establishing a system of internal controls and the system of financial reporting.
  • Developing and managing the information systems for monitoring project progress and controlling the reporting systems.
  • Following the procedure established by the organization to evaluate project results regarding schedule, costs, client relationships, quality, activities and other performance. Supervising the accounting staff.
  • Interacting with the general contractor or the construction manager for managing objectives, goals and the performance of team members.
  • Assisting the vice president, construction, to prepare cash flows, budgets, projections etc.

Construction Controller Skills and Specifications

A construction controller is expected to have the following core skills and specifications:

  • Analyzing constructional information for producing forecasts about businesses, economic and industry conditions for undertaking construction activity.
  • Assembling spreadsheets and drawing graphs and charts for illustrating construction, technical and associated reports.
  • Evaluating and comparing the relative quality of various construction technique and methods.
  • Superb communication and analytical skills to drive through the various organizational verticals.
  • Ability to motivate the personnel in working better and realize individual and collective goals.

Construction Controller Education and Qualification

Educational qualifications that a construction director must have are likely to include the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any finance related filed is the basic necessity for the job.
  • Most companies prefer candidates having an advanced degree, like masters or doctorate in auditing, financial accounting, cost accounting, financial management etc.
  • Senior construction controllers with enough exposure to the managerial duties are expected to have a relevant certification in public accountancy.

Construction Controller Salary

The construction controller professional, as disclosed by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, can expect to draw an average salary of $56,114.