Town planner job description and profile

A town planner plays a very important role in the development of infrastructure in cities, towns and villages. He prepared blueprints of town plans by taking various factors into consideration. Since interests of several parties are involved in the development of a town plan, the job is complicated. However, town planners have excellent future prospects.

Town planner duties and responsibilities

The task of a town planner is to balance various essentials such as schooling, medical, sports, entertainment, recreation and commercial facilities in a town such that the facilities are accessible to a large number of people. He also plans location of railway stations, bus stands and airports. The duties and responsibilities of a town planner are:

  • Planning guidelines and sanctioning permits for developments in the city
  • Surveying the area and identifying areas that have development potential
  • Holding meetings with land owners, share holders and the local public to gather their feedback and negotiating terms with them
  • Considering financial implications of plans
  • Preparing blueprints while keeping all factors in mind
  • Keeping abreast with federal and state rules and regulations with regard to land use and planning
  • Planning basic amenities like schooling and medical care in addition to services like water supply and sanitary lines
  • Researching available resources and using them to develop the city
  • Planning developments without damaging the environment of the region
  • Meeting with officials to get plans approved

Town planner skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a town planner are:

  • A sound knowledge in all aspects of civil engineering
  • Excellent leadership, communication, observation, analysis and negotiating capabilities
  • High level of creativity and innovation
  • A very keen eye for detail
  • Ability to foresee the implications of town planning
  • Good computer usage skills
  • Good troubleshooting and ability to handle high stress

Town planner education and qualification

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in town planning from a certified institute is essential for the job along with work experience.

Town planner salary

Town planner salary ranged between $35,000 and $60,000 per annum.