Welder Fabricator Job Profile and Description

The welder has to lay out and fabricate metal assemblies and weldments. He has to be familiar with structural welding, forming and various other fabrication processes.

The welder fabricator has to use technical drawings and various other specs and verbal instructions for planning and accomplishing the goal. Such professionals inspect their own work and also have to meet deadlines.

Welder Fabricator Duties and Responsibilities

Common duties and responsibilities that a welder fabricator would have to perform involve the following:

  • Cutting and joining metal parts for fabricating or repairing vehicle equipment, furniture, tools and various other articles, applying tools like mig-welder, plasma cutter, arc welder, chop saw, oxyacetylene torch etc.
  • Designing and fabricating the equipment and parts for meeting the special or unusual needs, using the manufacturer specifications, calculator, measuring devices, drawings etc.
  • Installing or removing any special equipment like paint machine, grinder, power and hand tools etc.
  • Designing and creating holding jigs that aid in fabrication of the parts in various numbers.
  • Maintaining a record of all the work completed so as to facilitate the accounting activities.
  • Maintaining routine inventory supplies that are used for operating the welding unit via inspection of stocks and ordering fresh stock as and when required.

Welder Fabricator Skills and Specifications

Skills and specifications frequently sought from a welder fabricator are likely to include the following:

  • Knowledge of the properties and characteristics of metals used for cutting, welding and forming objects and of various welding fluxes and rods.
  • Knowledge of safety precautions related to occupational hazards, procedures and practices of the trade.
  • Skilled in identifying the proper power and hand tools in the safest possible manner and various equipments.
  • Skilled in operating at least some type of vehicles like trucks, motor homes etc.

Welder Fabricator Education and Qualification

Educational qualifications that a welder fabricator must have are likely to include the following:

  • Entry level welder fabricators are expected to pass relevant technical exams in the field.
  • Basic mathematics skills
  • Basic knowledge of welding symbols and blueprint reading skills.
  • Ability to work with complicated welding tools like ox-fuel, plasma, mag-drills, chainsaws etc.

Welder Fabricator Salary

Welders are mostly paid an average salary of $58,550 per annum, as per figures disclosed by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sometimes, companies hire welders and fabricators on hourly basis where they charge their fees for their service.