Financial Accountant Job Profile and Description

A Financial accountant is a person who has exceptional knowledge of finance and provides his/her services to commercial as well as non commercial companies to make sure that they are financially sound and also work according to the regulations and other legal rules etc. These individuals are required to draft financial statements for the companies and help them in taking important financial decisions.

Financial Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a financial accountant are given as follows:

  • The main duty of a financial accountant is to perform external auditing by studying the financial statements.
  • They are also required to perform internal auditing within the organisation.
  • Another important duty of a financial accountant is to help the clients in meeting the tax related obligations and make sure that all the financial activities are being carried out as per the norms and regulations.

Financial Accountant Skills and Specifications

The following are the skills and specifications needed to become a financial accountant:

  • Excellent number skills and attention to detail are the two of the major skills required by a person who wants to be a financial accountant.
  • Good knowledge and base of financial and accounting related information is also very important.
  • Another skill required is a great analytical mind and problem solving abilities.

Financial Accountant Education and Qualification

The following are the educational qualifications required by a financial accountant:

  • A Graduation degree in fields related to finance, accounting, maths, law or management is required.
  • A post graduate degree is not a must but is definitely preferred. An MBA is a good option for those who wish to become financial accountants.

Financial Accountant Salary

A financial accountant is likely to earn an average median salary of $61000. The more experience one gains, the better are the chances to earn a better salary.