The diabetes health counselors are trained professionals who are responsible for providing education as well as advice on the different ways of preventing diabetes. They are also trained in other types of health care that are related to diabetes and the diabetics. The certified counselor can work in clinics, medical centers and hospitals. Counseling is an important way through which regulation on diabetes can be done. Diabetics have different needs and specific nutritional and dietary requirements which the counselor is required to inform the patient and his family. This will involve an in-depth knowledge in insulin management, food intake, physical exercise requirements and analysis of behavioral changes. This job comes with a lot of responsibilities and it is imperative that there are little or no errors while counseling a patient.

Diabetes Health Counselor Duties and Responsibilities:

The following are the diabetes health counselor’s duties and responsibilities:

  • A diabetes health counselor should be able to inject insulin as well as teach the patient and/or the family how to inject it.
  • He or she must create a proper chart which informs the patient what needs to be done in terms of food, medications and exercise.
  • Should be able to diagnose which level of diabetes the patient is suffering from.
  • Must be aware of all the available treatments and should be able to explain all of them in a simple, coherent and step-by-step manner.

Diabetes Health Counselor Skills and Specifications:

  • Must have very good communication skills as this job requires dealing with different kinds of patients on a regular basis.
  • Must provide advice based on the medical history of the patient. It is important that he or she reads through and creates a unique diet pattern to be followed and thus they must have good knowledge on diet management.
  • Must ensure that the patient is aware of the risks and the ways of prevention.
  • Must promote exercise and healthy eating habits as well as the proper medication requirement.
  • Must be calm and patient when dealing with critical or adverse situations.

Diabetes Health Counselor Education and Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing or nutrition.
  • Certification in Continuing Professional Education of Diabetes Self-Management Training.
  • Experience in counseling work for different medical clinics.

Diabetes Health Counselor Salary:

The recently recorded average salary of a diabetes health counselor is $42300 per annum. This can range from $28500 to $56100 depending on the level of experience attained.