The health administrator’s job is an important one to the overall functioning of a medical facility. This job essentially involves the management and business side of a hospital or health facility. The administrator acts like a supervisor who is not just responsible for the business functions but also for all the medical staff. The focus is primarily given on the type of health care given, whether the health care is up to date and whether all technological upgrading has been done. All of this is part and parcel of the health administrator’s job. He or she is also required to implement the required changes both in the business side of the hospital and the medical side. It is very important to have experience in various levels within the health care administration before taking up this post.

Health Administrator Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of those in health administrator are as follows:

  • Ensuring all medical supplies are properly ordered and delivered in time.
  • Training and hiring new staff in different departments of the hospital.
  • Supervision and management of each section of the medical facility not just the business operations but also medical ones.
  • Ensuring all employees are placed in the correct post according to their ability.
  • Being aware of the medical innovations and recent medical developments and incorporating them within the hospital.
  • All finances and money transactions are handled by the health administrator. There are also legal issues and complexities that he is required to sort out if necessary.


Health Administrator Skills and Specifications:

  • Since he or she is required to administrate the whole facility, it is important that one is alert and prepared to strategize wherever required.
  • He must be an expert in handling people of different mentalities especially since he is responsible for hiring the medical and other staff members.
  • Budgeting and accounting are important skills that he must possess as he is required to produce finance reports periodically.
  • Marketing analysis reports should be constantly done by the health administrator so that the required actions can be taken.

Health Administrator Education and Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s in health care administration.
  • Master’s in health care administration.
  • Experience in entry-level and high level administration within a hospital.

Health Administrator Salary:

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported the annual income for those in high level health administration is around $80,240.