Physical Chemist Job Profile and Description

A Physical Chemist is responsible to analyze, discover and understand the physical characteristics of material by performing various tests and experiments. A Physical Chemist develops theories based on the recordings on how each material reacts at different conditions.

Physical chemist works with sophisticated techniques and instruments like lasers, spectrometers and microscopes and spends a lot of their time analyzing the behavior of materials. He tries to make use of existing resources for various purposes instead of finding new resources. A physical chemist works mentally and physically in order to manipulate materials and operate lab instruments.

Physical Chemist Duties and Responsibilities

A Physical Chemist is required to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Perform analysis of organic and inorganic materials and prepare technical reports on their behavior.
  • Maintain the functioning of laboratory equipments and avoid malfunctions.
  • Monitor and supervise engineers and other personnel who perform test procedures and research projects.
  • Study the behavior of various materials and prepare reagents, test solutions to conduct research or tests.
  • Analyze the physical properties of materials and develop new materials from existing ones.
  • Analyze test results and determine the efficiency of equipments and check for malfunctions.
  • Confers with engineers and other scientists to discuss test results and to customize products, equipments and develop new formulas and processes.

Physical Chemist Skills and Specifications

A Physical Chemist is required to possess the following skills and specifications:

  • Sound skills in physics and math are important.
  • Good understanding of thermodynamics, quantum physics, structure and kinetics is necessary.
  • Strong desire to work with laboratory equipments and computers.
  • Willingness to learn continuously and understanding of various materials and their reaction in various environmental conditions.
  • Must be a critical thinker and must possess the good reasoning skills to find out the causes and solutions for problems.

Physical Chemist Education and Qualification

A Physical Chemist is required to possess the following education and qualification:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Physics.
  • Master’s degree in Chemistry or Physics following which the candidate can obtain a doctoral degree.
  • Fellowship programs can be completed by candidates who wish to work in faculty positions.

Physical Chemist Salary

The average income of a Physical Chemist is found to be $68,700 per annum and salary varies depending on the position of the chemist in the industry, years of experience and qualification. Physical chemists can find employment in industries that apply theories of molecular modeling and analytical chemistry.