Medical Assistant Job Profile and Description

Medical Assistant is responsible for carrying out various administrative jobs of a clinic or health care centre. They are involved in helping the physician to diagnose the patient’s disease carefully. Medical assistants prepare the prescription as directed by the doctor and keep medical records of the patients.

They measure the blood pressure, height, weight etc of the patients and report any abnormalities to the physician. They also carry out schedule operations such as dressing change, removing stitches and withdrawing blood samples from the patient’s body. Medical assistants are often employed in the super speciality clinics to fix an appointment of the doctor, welcome the patients to the clinic and to prepare the bill of the medication expenses.

Medical Assistant   Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a Medical Assistant will involve:

  • To help the physician running the clinic successfully.
  • To inform the patients about the availability of the doctor and to fix appointment
  • To take care of the patients and help then in their speedy recovery.
  • To take the blood out of the patients body for laboratory examinations.
  • To prepare patient records, analyze and report any significant observation of a particular patient to the doctors.
  • To prepare the everyday bills of the medical expenses of the patients.

Medical Assistant   Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of a Medical Assistant include:

  • Excellent communication skills are required both written and verbal.
  • In depth knowledge about the various medical terminologies is essential.
  • Ability to be multi taking and make the patients feel comfortable.
  • Skills to prepare medical reports and other documents relevant to clinical diagnosis.
  • Ability to work in odd working hours.

Medical Assistant   Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a Medical Assistant are as follows:

  • A bachelor’s degree in medicine is compulsory.
  • A master’s degree in medicine will help to get placed in a reputed hospital.
  • Minimum one years of experience medical assistant in a physician clinic is required to be employed by a super speciality clinic.

Medical Assistant Salary

The starting annual salary of a medical assistant is in the range of $ 38000 to $45000.The pay scales will increase once you gain handsome experience in the field. The monthly emoluments also vary according to the type of hospital, prior work experience and location.