Medical Biller is expected to ensure that all the medical claims are submit on time to the various insurance companies. During the course of reviewing and submitting the bills there are several other tasks that a medical biller is required to do for instance he needs to check the patient’s bills and see to it that there is no mistake or missing information in the bill, he needs to adhere to the insurance guidelines, check the insurance payment, etc.

It is essential for a medical biller to have a thorough knowledge about the terms and conditions of the insurance company he is dealing with. He must also be efficient in handling accounting matters.

Medical Biller Duties and Responsibilities

Medical Biller is required to manage various tasks of the organization he is working for. Some of his job duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Medical Biller is required to take a glance at the patient’s medical bills and ensure that they are filled appropriately and completely.
  • Medical Biller needs to contact the patient and get the required information in case there is any information missing on the medical bill.
  • Medical Biller needs to learn all about the insurance guidelines of the insurance company he is dealing with.
  • Medical Biller needs to follow up the cases wherein the claims have not been paid within the committed time.
  • Medical Biller is required to meet the personnel from the insurance company to discuss about certain cases.
  • Medical Biller is required to ensure that the insurance payment received is correct.
  • Medical Biller needs to get any insurance payment related issue sorted out with the insurance company.
  • Medical Biller needs to answer to the patients billing related query over the phone, via email or even face to face.

Medical Biller Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required to become a Medical Biller are as follows:

  • Medical Biller must have good communication skills as he is required to deal with different patients as well as insurance company staff.
  • Medical Biller needs to be efficient in making calculations.

Medical Biller Education and Qualification

The educational qualification needed to get into the position of Medical Biller is as follows:

  • A High School Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degree in accounting/ finance
  • Master’s Degree in healthcare administration helps in growing further professionally.

Medical Biller Salary

The average salary of Medical Biller is around $ 33,500. The salary may vary depending upon the company and the city the candidate is employed in and also based on the candidate’s qualification and experience.