Cement Mason and Concrete Finishing Profile and Description

Cement Mason and Concrete Finishers are all those workers who work with wet concrete and perform the task of leveling and finishing the concrete work. These people have the duty of monitoring the weather activities in order to cover and preserve the concrete which has been finished for usage purposes. These workers are needed for building roads, bridges, residential houses etc.

Cement Mason and Concrete Finishing Job Description Duties And Responsibilities

  • Checking the forms that hold the concrete in order to ensure that they are properly constructed.
  • Setting these concrete forms to the desired pitch, depth in order to get them aligned.
  • Spreading, leveling and smoothing the concrete and monitoring the concrete conditions.
  • Operating the power vibrator to in order to produce the ideal concrete.
  • Making the concrete surface wet, and rubbing it with stone to smooth surface and obtaining the required finish.
  • Polishing the surface by using the polishing or surfacing machine.

Cement Mason and Concrete Finishing Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to do mechanical drawing with ease
  • Good dexterity
  • Great stamina and strength
  • Good technical sense
  • Aware of the intricacies of their job

Cement Mason and Concrete Finishing Education and Qualifications

  • Training can be either informal or forma. Training can even be obtained through on-the-job experience.
  • Technical schools and community colleges sometimes offer training programs which can be availed by people aspiring to enter this field.

Cement Mason and Concrete Finishing Salary

The average hourly wage of these people is about $21.94, with the highest paid per hour is about $13.26. However the wage rate can greatly vary with changes in economic conditions, real estate sector and other related reasons.