Construction and Building Inspector Job Profile and Description

Construction and Building Inspectors inspect architected civil works (i.e., highways, roads, bridges, dams, etc.) and structures (commercial and residential buildings, manufacturing plants, etc.) using engineering skills to determine structural integrity and compliance with approved construction specifications, building codes, safety and state regulations.  They can specialize in various fields of construction inspection areas – buildings, public works, electrical, environmental or mechanical (heating, ventilation, etc), elevator, plumbing and residential inspection.

Construction and Building Inspector Duties and Responsibilities

  • Inspect newly built structures to check compliance with building codes as published in the International Code Council as well as national and state government building regulations.
  • Issue work stoppage orders and violation notices once inspection show major infractions in the building does, advising owners and recommending corrections.
  • Conduction inspection of dams, roads, highways, bridges, buildings, electrical wiring, water and gas plumbing, sewage and waste management systems, during and after construction in enforcing structural integrity, general safety and compliance to building codes, safety  and environmental regulations.
  • Provide seal of approval for construction blueprints that pass required specifications.
  • Provide building owners and contractors with reports of inspections.


Construction and Building Inspector Skills and Specification

  • Excellent medical and physical fitness
  • Must have thorough knowledge of building codes and standards
  • Above average verbal communication, social and interpersonal skills.

Construction and Building Inspector Education and Qualifications

  • While a high school diploma with extensive experience in contraction work is basic, most employers are looking for those with college degree preferably in the file of civil engineering.
  • Engineers with board certification is an advantage
  • Licensing from the National Fire Protection Association for Fire inspectors and from the International Association of Plumbing for plumbing inspectors, etc.

Construction and Building Inspector Salary

In 2008, the median annual wages of construction and building inspectors was $50,180 with the middle 50% earning between $39,000 and $63,400. The lowest 10% received about $31,300 while the topmost 10% got about $78,100.  The median for those employed in the Federal government was $62,120.