Industrial designer job description and profile

The sale of a product depends up to a great extent on its visual appeal. The job of an industrial designer is to upgrade industrial products with regard to visual appeal, usability and quality. In other words, an industrial designer develops the appearance of a product without compromising on functionality and quality so as to increase it sale value. Safety of the product is a point of high consideration while designing.

Industrial designer job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an industrial designer are:

  • Discussing details of the product with manufacturers in order to understand the full implication of the product
  • Conducting market surveys or holding meetings with salesmen to understand the requirements of the public with regard to a product
  • Implementing results of discussions into design of the product
  • Ensuring that the design does not increase the cost of the product
  • Considering various factors relating to physical appearance of the product, usability and safety while designing
  • Gathering feedback from consumers after release of the product and implement necessary changes in the design
  • Preparing blueprints of the products for approval of management and manufacturers
  • Preparing estimates of designs

Industrial designer skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required for the job of an industrial designer are:

  • High level of creativity in creating new and attractive designs
  • Ability to understand the likes and dislikes of the public
  • A thorough knowledge of computer aided designs
  • Excellent analytical and observation skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Sound knowledge regarding product safety measures
  • Artistic streak of mind

Industrial designer education and qualification

The education and qualification of an industrial designer are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in industrial design, product architecture or product planning

Industrial designer salary

Entry level median salary is $40,000 per annum and with experience, interior designers can earn up to $80,000 per annum.