Emergency Management Job Profile And Description

Emergency management refers to the process of managing the consequences of an emergency situation and the people who may be affected by it and the emergency manager must have the necessary skills to not only handle emergency situation in a smooth and calm manner but he also needs to identify areas which need to be improved to prevent such emergencies in the future. It can be any type of emergency due to a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane or due to a terrorist attack. The government must come up with plans that will help one with emergency situations sand here emergency managers play a big role in planning those strategies and how to ensure they are followed by everyone so that the effects of the emergency can be contained.

Emergency Management Duties And Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an emergency manager involve

  • Preparing evacuation plans and moving people from place to another safely
  • Bring any contaminated person in a safe facility so that any contagious disease or condition does not spread
  • Plan emergency relief procedures and help the people affected with basic supplied of food, water and medicines
  • Also make arrangements for their accommodation and work with the medical, government and social service teams

Emergency Management Skills And Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of an emergency manager include:

  • Good communication, organisational, leadership networking and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and remain calm
  • Physical fitness as one may have to move around for long and odd hours

Emergency Management Education And Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for an emergency manager are as follows:

  • Four year bachelor’s degree in emergency management
  • Associate’s or any professional course in this field

Emergency Management Salary

The average annual salary of an emergency manager is around $53,000.