Event Management Job Profile And Description

Event management is a profession where a person is given charge of handling the various aspects of an event. When any event takes place, especially in a large scale, someone needs to make all the arrangements, like seating, lighting, catering, tickets, press, participants, accommodation and traveling etc. An event manager works in concert halls, auditoriums, fields, athletics facilities, theatres etc. He must make sure that the event follows a particular budget, all the programs takes place on schedule, the arrangements are made on time. He is also the contact person and the link between the press and the organisers. He must invite the media if they want it to be covered in the news, he should make arrangements if there are celebrities in the event and also supervise the cleaning up options later. He must also make sure all the safety codes and laws are followed.

Event Management Duties And Responsibilities                       

The duties and responsibilities of an event manager will involve:

  • Planning the event or show or organization and select a facility where the event will take place
  • Take the necessary permission from the authorities for the event and participate in the promotional activities
  • Assign responsibilities like decoration, seating and catering
  • Manage the budget so that all the activities are within the budget amount

Event Management Skills And Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of an event project manager include:

  • Excellent organisational, communication and networking skills
  • Physical fitness and ability to deal with pressure

Event Management Education And Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for an event manager are as follows:

  • Professional course in event management from a college
  • Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or public relations
  • Do internships as they help in getting a job

Event Management Salary

The annual salary of an event manager can range from $38,000 to $56,000.