Fashion Editor Job Profile And Description

A fashion editor is someone who monitors any fashion-related content like articles or photos for publication in a magazine, newspaper or website or for production of a TV show during a particular episode, issue or season. He is an expert in the field of fashion and keeps himself updated on the latest trends all over the world. He gives his opinion on what kind of clothes to display in the publication or show, which topics to talk about in various articles, which models are appropriate for which topics and also keep the target readers and viewers in mind.

Fashion Editor Duties And Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a fashion editor involve:

  • Stay informed about all the latest fashion trends and also be able to anticipate new trends
  • Select the topics to be discussed in the show or magazine
  • Monitor and supervise any content and see if they are appropriate for the organisation and its consumers or not
  • Check if all the policies of the organisations are followed and also instruct the photographers, writers, producers on the type of content required
  • Plan and execute a photo shoot and also follow deadlines

Fashion Editor Skills And Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of a fashion editor include:

  • Excellent communication, both verbal and written, and networking skills
  • Should be creative and fashion conscious
  • Good research skills and an eye for details

Fashion Editor Education And Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a fashion editor are as follows:

  • One can opt for a bachelor’s degree in journalism which specialises in fashion journalism
  • Can also get a degree in fashion merchandising and designing or work as an intern in a fashion publication or show

Fashion Editor Salary

The median salary of a fashion editor is $78,000 per year but it is dependent on the city one works in and the job profile.