Model Job Profile And Description

A model is a person who endorses a particular accessory; clothes, shoes created by a designer, or display any other product either on the show or during photo shoots to be printed in a publication. A model must have a good figure, tall height and he or she should have photogenic looks. Having a good figure and good looks is very important in the field of modelling because the clothes are designed according to the standard figure and are highlighted better if someone with stunning looks wears them. It attracts consumers and improves the aesthetic appeal of the product.

Model Duties And Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a model will depend on the medium she is modelling for:

  • A model has to wear the clothes created by a designer and then walk on the ramp to show them off
  • She needs to take part in photo shoots to display clothes and accessories which will be printed in magazines or used in catalogues
  • Work for companies to endorse products like perfume, cars or appliances
  • Also work in videos like advertisements or music videos

Model Skills And Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of a model include:

  • Confident and should know how to pose in front of the camera
  • A good figure is necessary and must also work hard to keep herself fit
  • Should be able to work for long and at odd hours

Model Education And Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a model are as follows:

  • No formal degree is required for getting a modelling assignment
  • There are some institutes which teach the basics of modelling like how to walk or pose and you can get a diploma there

Model Salary

The median salary of a model is $30,000 but as you become famous you can earn much more than that.

Alternative Description

Model Career Description

A carrier in modeling is certainly not a career that can last you a lifetime like being a doctor or engineer. But it’s a highly lucrative, exciting and glamorous career that is sometimes known to last 10-15 years into your early 30s, provided you know how to preserve you youthful looks.  The modeling career encompasses the following:

  • Fitness models display an athletic physique and apply to both sexes.  They capitalize on the muscle development rather than looks.
  • Fashion models display the creation of fashion designers and ready-to-wear labels in fashion shows, magazines and clothing product catalogues.
  • Glamour models focus on the overall sensuality of the model and are often seen in fashion magazines and pin-up calendars, among others.
  • Celebrity models are similar to glamour models but are often seen endorsing consumer or sporting products.
  • Artist models are those to pose in various levels of undress before art students in colleges and art schools to train them in drawing and rendering the human body on paper or canvass.

Education and Training

There are no specific educational backgrounds to go into a modeling career, but most attend modeling schools that cover makeup application, walking, posing, etc.  They wont’ guarantee you can land in a modeling but it helps.  But the main edge for models is always a photogenic look and good stage presence.  Fashion designers prefer tall and slim bodied models as their creations looks good on them.


The models are chosen and employed by modeling agencies. You can be lucky to live in any of the fashion capitals since most high fashion models are employed by modeling agencies in these cities. Glamour and fashion models can be substantial with typical median at $100,000 annually.  On the other extreme, a supermodel like Elle McPherson earned $40 million in 1997 alone.