Franchise consultant Job Profile and Description

Franchise consultancy is a specialized category which has become popular due to the awareness and profitability of franchising; and franchise consultant professionals give advice to investors, entrepreneurs and companies and help them to choose the suitable franchiser in order to invest. Franchise consultants also act as agents between themselves and potential franchisees.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Franchise Consultant is the link between the franchise community and the companies
  • Their primary responsibility is to provide the necessary support to the franchisees that will assist them to manage their stores better and post profits
  • They also make sure that franchisees are in operational compliance with the agreement
  • They need to conduct regular store visits and evaluate the performance and make suggestions
  • They examine and monitor the store’s profitability, costs and operational procedures and make sure rules are followed
  • Monitoring the financial compliance of franchisees is important
  • They have to suggest solutions to operational problems
  • They need to identify sales boosting opportunities and implement various measures with franchisees to reach their targets
  • They also have to help the franchisees in training store employees and also follow up on the developments
  • They need to investigate the store’s local area marketing measures
  • They have to make and record all types of correspondence with franchisees
  • Assisting the new stores with organising and setting up the basics is also part of the job, like establishing vendor relations, training etc

Skills and Specifications

  • One needs to have excellent communication skills for this job profile.
  • The consultant needs to have knowledge of franchise rules and regulations
  • They must be organised and analytical
  • There is a lot of leg work involved with this job, and consultants may have to travel a lot

Education and Qualifications

One requires a bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field. A commerce background with specialisation in accounting, sales will also help.