Tax consultant Job Profile and Description

A tax consultant is an expert on matters related to tax; he prepares, gives advice and assists individuals or companies with tax filing and returns. Also known as tax preparers, they suggest steps which would help the company save more money and also follow the government rules and regulations. They are of great help as tax policies can be very confusing and their assistance can make the process simpler

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The tax consultant’s main objective is to help keep his clients’ taxes to a minimum
  • For that they keep track of the latest schemes provided by different companies, banks and organisations and according to the requirements and financial ability of the clients, they give suggestions of the best policy for them
  • Tax consultants examine and review financial records of people or companies and make adjustments, deductions and credits
  • They have to provide their clients with detailed information on how to systematically complete a tax form
  • They must also provide necessary information to ensure the client is following all the legalities

Skills and Specifications

  • Tax consultants must have through knowledge of tax procedures and keep himself updated on the changing rules and regulations
  • They must have good analytical abilities and must be good with numbers
  • They must have good communication skills and explain the complicated matters in a lucid manner
  • They should have good interpersonal skills and answer the queries of the clients
  • They have to meet deadlines and often need to travel extensively and work in a stressed atmosphere

Education and Qualifications

There aren’t any particular degrees for this job but one needs to have a commerce background and a flair for numbers to be in this field. Some colleges offer income tax courses and certification. One can also go for courses in chartered accountancy and take training there.