Functional Consultant Job description and Job Profile

A functional Consultant plays a key role during:

  • Upgrading network software which all the employees use in an organization so that there is transmission of important information through departments for execution and completion of the project successfully.
  • A functional Consultant is also required during the installation and up gradation of the any important software in the organization like ERP, SAP etc.

Functional Consultants Duties & Responsibilities

  • The requirement of a Functional Consultant is felt during the initial stages of a project or a software implementation and up gradation. A functional consultant’s job is to analyze the current business processes and scenarios and forecast the consequences of installing new software on these processes .Only after a thorough study, a functional consultant may recommend or suggest a solution and start his work.
  • After the company has accepted the analysis and suggestions made by the functional consultant, a functional consultant’s job is to study the configurations and submit it to the leader group or the decision making committee, only after their approval he can move ahead with project.
  • After planning, the need to convert it into action arrives. So a functional manager in this stage works in close coordination with the employees, project managers and everyone who has to get well versed with the new software. Adequate training is provided to employees so that they don’t face any difficulty in working with it later.
  • Once every thing is over the functional manager still on his job, keeps clearing doubts and queries about the new software, keeps testing the software so that it runs successfully and also suggest how to make new software perform to the best of its ability.

Functional Consultants skills and specifications

  • Analytical bent of mind.
  • Foresight: to predict the consequences of software installation on the business processes.
  • Most importantly strong knowledge of technology and up gradation of software.
  • Can work for long hours and meet project and work related deadlines.
  • Knowledge about MRP Planning and batch management.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to deal with third party procurement systems and resources.

Functional Consultants Qualification & Education

  • Graduates in I.T, Computers or related field, Management are preferred.
  • A functional consultant must be constantly update himself with new software, market conditions etc.
  • SAP Consultant course and certificate.
  • 3-8 years of experience as a SAP consultant.

Functional Consultant’s salary

  • It depends on the industry, as according to the Institute of Labor Statistics. Some industry like furniture stores, dentists’ etc state, the qualification and the experience an individual holds.
  • With new businesses, focus on restructuring and with the application of new technology becoming almost inevitable, the future of functional consultants looks very promising. In this sector organizations have offered a starting salary of $60,000 to $90,000.