Glazier Profile and Description

Glaziers mostly have the task of selecting, cutting, removing, installing and replacing glass in all types of settings. But then it is not just glass, glaziers often have to work with other materials like granite, marble and many other types of glass substitute. They work in numerous settings which include everything from houses, skyscrapers to grocery stores and banks. They can work in both new and old constructions. The duties and responsibilities of glaziers are mentioned below.

Glazier Duties And Responsibilities

  • Installing different kinds of glass in different places and then putting insulating glass where it is most required.
  • Installing large structural glass panels on the exteriors of buildings to create walls that help in the entrance of natural light.
  • Installing mirrors, automobile windows etc to homes.
  • Working with plastics, granite, aluminum, marble etc for different purposes.
  • Cutting glass to size manually at a work site and then measuring and marking the cutting line.
  • Breaking off the excess glass by different means- either by hand or with a notched tool.
  • Cutting and fastening together pieces of metal before installing them on storefront windows.
  • Cutting the drain moldings and facing those moldings that fit around the opening.

Glazier Skills and Specifications

  • Good eyesight and  good physical condition
  • Should not be afraid of heights
  • Excellent manual dexterity
  • Familiarity with the tools and processes associated with this career
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Strength and precision

Glazier Education and Qualifications

  • Professionals generally earn certifications of glazier from a Level I Glazier through to Level III Master Glazier.
  • They generally get trained during informal or formal apprentice periods.

Glazier Salary

In 2010 the median hourly wage for a glazier in the United States was $22.64.However the wages often fluctuate in relation to the state, the industry in which they are working etc