Leasing consultant Job Profile and Description

A leasing consultant, also known as a leasing agent, is someone who shows and leases residential properties like apartments or empty land to prospective tenants. After meeting and interviewing prospective tenants, they determine their needs and see financial documents and accordingly show them the house. Then they complete the lease forms and collect rental deposits after the lease is signed by the tenant.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The leasing consultant mainly deals with a sales position with a stress on customer service, meeting goals and building relationships
  • He must follow the latest news on the real estate world and keep track of industry trends on order to fix the price and guide the customers
  • Depending on the property and management, the leasing consultant may also have to take care of administrative duties and property maintenance
  • He helps apartment complexes by assisting with the needs of current residents and by finding new residents to live in a particular community

Skills and Specifications

  • One needs to have good communications skills and negotiation skills which come in handy when deciding on the rental price
  • A lot of legwork is also needed so the candidate must be prepared to work under pressure
  • He must have good manners and must be polite with customers
  • Basic legal knowledge is also required as leasing involves a lot of paper work and he must know the details in order to be able to explain things to the customer
  • Networking skills are important as one has to make as many contacts as possible and spread the word around about his services

Education and Qualifications

Usually just a bachelor’s degree is enough, but one can go for higher degrees like an MBA or property management, which are especially necessary if one works for a high-profile leasing company.