Sales consultant Job Profile and Description

A sales consultant makes strategies in order to promote and sell products or services to clients and customers. They are a connecting link between the between a company and a client as they make sure that the needs of the customers are met.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Sales consultants primarily identifies the needs of a customer and provides a chance for meeting those needs through the purchase of products or services
  • They guide potential customers to discover his requirements and then offers the best solution to make sure those needs are fulfilled
  • They have to meet or exceed the sales quotas
  • Sales consultants maintain contact and build lasting relationships with customers
  • They need to manage a particular sales territory to create a customer base
  • They are in charge of marketing products and services
  • They have to make sales calls and contact both potential and present customers
  • They have to keep records of all interactions with customers
  • They must be aware of the latest market trends and remain updated on product knowledge
  • Development of innovative and creative sales techniques are also part of the job
  • They also need to give demonstrations to customers and educate them about the product
  • They analyze sales statistics and determine sales potential and inventory requirements
  • They have to regularly monitor the preferences of customers

Skills and Specifications

  • Sales consultants need to have good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • They must have good negotiation skills and must be innovative and persuasive
  • They must have good networking skills and deal with a wide variety of customers and client companies
  • They should be outgoing, energetic and confident

Education and Qualifications

People interested in this field must have commerce background, preferably with specialisation in sales, marketing and accounting.